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Investor Relations News Group

Establish High Profile Awareness

With over 15,000 publicly traded companies in the US alone, establishing awareness of your specific company can be a challenging task. There are rules and guidelines prohibiting the outright advertising focused on the sale of a company stock, however there are no restrictions against creating an awareness of the positive attributes and performance of a specific company and delivering that message to a targeted financial audience.  This awareness can lead to explosive value growth and create the fuel needed to propel stock pricing upwards. We deliver high profile media coverage in the form of news or financial insight messaging to develop awareness, create PR opportunities, build demand for your listed securities and diversify your investor base.
Delivering high profile media coverage for your publicly traded company. Develops awareness within the core investment community Creates PR Opportunities Delivers cost effective, high profile, coverage Builds demand for your listed securities and diversifies your investor base
Coverage Platforms
Investor Relations News Group provides high profile financial program coverage utilizing TV, Radio , Web and Print
Increasing Your Shareholder Base Through Targeted Awareness
High Profile Financial Program Coverage
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