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Television coverage is available on core financial networks including CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business. Coverage includes in programming placements of your company presentation as well as coverage on news based content produced to air in both market hours and prime-time.  
  Radio Radio coverage is available for your formatted awareness message on all major radio platforms including financial news-talk and syndicated program coverage on both satellite and terrestrial delivery. We also produce several news based content feeds that can be delivered in specific markets or fed via syndication or distribution models.
Financial Press Mainstream Financial publications provide a significantly credible reference point to those seeking information on investment decisions. Benefit from exposure in primary financial publications such as Forbes, Fortune, IBD and WSJ, Placements are available for your company specific message or as inclusion in a formatted content piece.
Investor Relations News Group
Increasing Your Shareholder Base Through Targeted Awareness

Digital Web

Digital web and mobile based platforms continue to become a primary source of financial news and information. Proper positioning as content on these distribution platforms is the key to being perceived as valuable information as opposed to another Spam email or pay per click advertisement  

Public Relations

A well planned and executed PR calendar built in conjunction with a high profile awareness campaign is the key to extending awareness into building demand for your listed securities and diversifying your investor base. We consider the development of a strategic PR plan a crucial component to success.  


Research, planning and execution of a multi layered IR campaign requires specialized abilities, tools and organizational skills. IR News Group possesses the expertise and experience to develop and coordinate  a successful IR campaign  
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