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About Us :

Investor Relations Advertising Group is a specialized division of a direct response advertising agency established in 2005. We utilize our agency tools and experience along with the direct response mindset to create a results oriented program that creates focused awareness within the core financial community.  A complete, results driven, methodology with 100% agency accountability. One of the primary issues with a traditional IR company is that most times these firms have a singular service model.  Some only use email marketing, while others focus on social media coverage or simply utilize your shareholder list as their distribution model. Our methodology is to deliver high profile media coverage in the form of news or financial insight messaging delivered on media platforms traditionally utilized to seek financial information and guidance. The financial audience is introduced to the message in a trusted environment creating an awareness of the positive attributes and performance of a specific company. Awareness modules are delivered in conjunction with a well planned and executed PR calendar to extend awareness and build demand for your listed securities.     
Investor Relations News Group
Increasing Your Shareholder Base Through Targeted Awareness
Develops awareness  within the core investment  community   Creates PR Opportunities  Delivers cost effective,  high profile, coverage   Builds demand for your  listed securities and  diversifies your investor  base  Delivering high profile  media coverage for your  publicly traded company. About